We bring ideas to life

with a constant pursuit of perfection

Software development

We utilize technology for a next generation business solutions for our clients. Coherent process management and experienced software engineers ensure diligent execution and result-driven solutions. Edge technology and out of the box thinking inspire us to create value beyond expectations that empowers business with full-cycle software development services.
We take big pride in delivering complex solutions for web, mobile and desktop along with openness, speed and agility needed to enable real-time digital enterprises.

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IT Consultancy

Whether starting from scratch, expanding or improving existing operations, our experts will develop the right solution for the business. We offer IT auditing, software architecture planning, requirements design, framework and technology selection and implementation guidance.

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Software Creation Solutions

Having in mind the specific needs of each and everyone of our clients, we design and engineer tailor made systems that transform ideas into a state-of-the-art software applications with user-friendly management panels and minimum support cost.

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Maintenance and Support

We carry out corrective maintenance to enhance the software solution or fix bugs, as well as adaptive maintenance to ensure that the software is running smoothly after the changes have taken place.

Digital Marketing Services

At Next-Stream Ltd we take a more holistic approach to design solutions that not only make an impression to the targeted audience but also trigger behavior and build perceptions. We combine software and marketing creativity to build unique advertising solutions and carry effective digital campaigns setting the next generation of relationships between a company and its clients.

Our main goal is to design and execute the perfect marketing strategy that would lead to boosting the digital presence and increasing market share via creative high-conversion advertising campaigns.

Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising for web and mobile applications has never before been so easier. Targeting the audience by not only building brand associations but also by provoking an active user interaction, provide our users with the complete marketing solution. Our analytics suites provide a clean system for gathering and analyzing data.


It is vital for companies to be accessible within the online landscape and constantly changing search engine algorithms can make this a challenge. We execute an integrated internal and external SEO strategy that leads to improved content, increased online visibility and substantially improved search rankings.

Reviews From Around The Globe

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The Company

NextStream Ltd has grown rapidly providing a powerful set of tools to manage the full scope of multi-channel software and multimedia suites. From software creation and development to involving marketing strategies we provide complete high-end solutions, fully supported by in-house tech support and programming teams at Next Stream’s corporate headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The growing agile development cycles provoke the need to deliver and dedicate a whole team of developers, programmers, software architects and designers to the requirements of a single business. Keeping a constant line of communication with our clients, we match their expectations with right-sized teams of professionals, according to the project workload and timeline.